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New Food Labeling Law to be enforced by 2015 in Japan

On June 22, 2013, New food labeling law has passed the Upper House of Japan, which intends to integrate exisitng relevant Japanese food labeling regulations.

The new rule was proclaimed in the latest June, and it should be endoced within two years (by 2015). Currently the frame of the rule is made. And the details are planned to be discussed further from now on:

Major issues of exisitng food labeling:
* Overlapping regulations on the safety and quality of food products in Japan.

* The food labeling should satisfy various requirements supervised by three authorities and their laws; the Food Sanitation Act, the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) Law and the Health Promotion Act.

images.jpg Three laws are shown in individual color of yellow, green, and blue in the left figure.

New Food labeling:
* Making food labeling easier to understand by consumers.
The Consumer Affairs Agency plans to create unified terminology and standards for food products.
* Nutrition labeling on all pre-packaged processed food will be mandatory, which is voluntary under the current regulations
* Allergy labeling (currently 7 items) will be discussed more, because there are many diet lawmakers who pay serious attentions to the impacts of allergen and allergic substances.

As other discussion agenda the following may be included:
* Indications of geographic origins regarding the processed foods
* Labeling of supplements and allowable promotional activities

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